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dog-with-tp.jpgDoes your dog exhibit signs of separation anxiety, stress, or destructive behaviors?  Is your dog shy around new people or dogs? Does your dog have excessive energy and need more active play times? Do you worry about leaving your dog home alone during the day while you are working?  Would you like to have a place for your dog to make new friends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider the benefits of our Doggy Day Care program! 

Benefits of Doggy Day Care:

  • Daily exercise and play - "A tired dog is a happy dog." Cesar Millan
  • Interaction with other dogs and caregivers builds positive social behavioral tendecies.
  • Increased confidence and agility. Great for dogs with mild to moderate arthritis or who need to lose a few pounds!
  • Stress relief and alleviation of boredom, the leading causes of 'Behavior Problems'

Our staff will happily sit down with you and help work out a customized day care protocol for your pet to enjoy egagement with other dogs and our staff members during the day while you're at work, so your dog will come home happy and tired and the two of you can enjoy each others company!
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