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Veterinary Info


This section contains information that you will find of value as a pet owner. From the latest news on veterinary care to in depth articles on specific diseases and different diagnostic tests, you can find the information you need to be a better care giver to your pet.

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    The latest news in Veterinary Medicine

    Technology is advancing faster every day. The possibilities for advanced veterinary care are growing by leaps and bounds. We are excited about what the future holds for the veterinary profession and for pets and their guardians.

    In just a few short years, pets have come from the barnyard to the apartment. Creatures that used to be thought of as just dumb animals, useful for certain working tasks are now more commonly regarded as significant members of the family.

    Along with this change has come an amazing amount of technological ability to diagnose and treat diseases in our pets that at one time, were regarded as too difficult to cure or impossible to manage. Advances of these kinds give us many more years to spend with those that we love so much, and so many more opportunities for them to enjoy their lives too.

    We will put information in this section about the latest news to come down the pipe about pet health care and other advances or issues in our industry and share with you how it can affect you and your pet!

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